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    “Home is in the forest, crutch is in the nature.” Executive Bungalow is inspired by H’Mong lifestyle – living in harmony with nature. Nestled in the wild and separated from the noises, this room has a mysterious yet peaceful vibe.

  Consisting of 2 bedrooms and 1 living room equipped with a stove, each Family Bungalows in the size of 60 m2 is designed to accommodate a household of 4-5 adults and children. From the balcony of the rooms, you will have the opportunity to witness the scene of the glorious ancient rose garden and [...]

    Located near the infinity poor, our H’Mong Signature Rooms, each with the size of 50 m2 including a balcony, are designed in the style of the H’Mong’s lofts. The decoration in these rooms resembles 5 H’Mong groups in Vietnam: Mong Du, Mong Do, Mong Pua, Mong Sua and Mong Lenh. On the balcony, [...]

    About 40 – 50 m2 in size and located entirely on the green terraced fields, Deluxe paddy field view rooms would give you a tranquil space which is really connected to the nature.