H’Mong Community in Sapa

Sapa is proudly considered as the cradle of culture with 6 ethnic groups: Kinh, Dao, Tay, Day, H’Mong and Xa Pho.


H’Mong accounts for 53% of the distinct population. Mong people in Sapa belong to the group of Black Mong (Mong Du). After hundred years of migration and settlement in Sapa, H’Mong community has developed their own economic – cultural – social identity and together with other groups contributed to the variety of Vietnamese ethnic culture.


H’Mong people often reside in approximately 1000m high mountainous areas as this shows their strength, bravery and determination. That is the reason why Sapa became their ideal place to settle down.


H’Mong people is well-known for their extraordinary cultivating skills and their creation of terraced fields on rugged mountain slopes, forming magnificent and romantic scenery. 


(The terraced fields in Sapa entered the top 11 the world’s  most beautiful terraced fields)


Mong houses are usually built on the terraced fields, which facilitates their cultivating activities and land guarding. It is not common for Mong people to build their houses close to each other as it would cause difficulties in walking around the house and worshipping. The ancient Mong prefered to use cleaved Vietnam HINOKI trunks to form the roof of their house because this kind of wood, which is abundant in Sapa, has a unique scent, beautiful veins, termite resistance and light weight.


Besides, another worth-mentioning feature when we are talking about Mong community is their culture of planting flax. It is said that flax grows wherever the Mong people live since it is their cultural symbol. That is the reason why most of Mong clothes are made from handcrafted linen and decorated with brocade patterns embroidered by Mong ladies’s skillful hands and carrying precious historical messages.


Mong people in Sapa concentrate mostly in some communes such as Lao Chai, Hau Thao, San Sa Ho and Sa Pa.


Post by: Ha Thu, Minh Anh, Bich Ngoc

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