Laxsik Ecolodge

At Laxsik, we always desire to treat you with hospitality, modesty and cosiness as if you were a friend to our home, where we can be sipping tea, sharing stories about the forests and saving the most simple yet unforgettable moments together


Family Bungalow

Executive Bungalow

Deluxe paddy field view room

H’Mong Signature room


At Laxsik Ecolodge, every object has its own story, every name emerged from history. We named our restaurant Muong Hoa not only because Laxsik sits on the slope of Muong Hoa Valley but it was also the name of the first hotel run by Vietnamese people in Sapa 20 years ago. At that time, Muong Hoa Hotel was considered to present for the service style of Sapa. After years and years, although it no longer exists, Sapa people still remember and feel proud of the old brand.

Muong Hoa Restaurant is designed with the architecture of H’Mong communal house. Here you will have a chance to experience the local cuisine in a new, unique and cosy cultural space.

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